About LOPA
LOPA currently has over 300 members, representing lakefront landowners, citizens, and citizen groups.  LOPA is representative of both stakeholders that own property around the lake and those that simply value the lake as a natural resource.  Many public spirited organizations join in this effort.  For example, Girls, Inc. has for decades operated summer programs for young girls on their 88 beautiful acres on the lake and is an active supporter of the effort to protect a treasure of the Berkshires.  Also the Onota Boat Livery, a local small business marina on the lake which provides additional public access to many hundreds of local residents and seasonal visitors annually, has been an active participant in the efforts to preserve the recreational value of the lake.  The Berkshire Rowing and Sculling Society (BRASS) recognizes the importance of both short and long-term preservation actions and is considered a partner in the stewardship of this resource and actively supports current endeavors.  There are annually ten to twelve fishing derbies and/or tournaments run by various sportsmen and fishing organizations.  These four are but examples of the great number of people and organizations in the community that not only benefit from the lake, but also actively engage in the efforts to protect and maintain its historic natural environment.  LOPA’s Board of Directors meets quarterly in open meetings and elects Directors and Officers bi-annually.  Board membership includes representation of several lakefront owner associations around the lake.  LOPA has standing committees for Water Quality & Weed Control, Fish & Wildlife, Lake Recreation & Water Safety, and Citizen Education & Public Relations.  In 2003, LOPA completed incorporation as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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