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Member’s financial support allows us to monitor the lake’s water quality and fish populations. Our Members are a vital part of keeping Lake Onota healthy and beautiful for generations to come.

Becoming a LOPA Member means you support the preservation of this natural splendor. Give online or print and mail a membership form to join or renew your membership today!

LOPA gratefully recognizes the outstanding
generosity of its many 2023 donors!

Guardians $1,000+
George and Shari Haddad
Paul Hirt
Regina Olchowski and Ed Potter
Rousselet-Robatel Centrifugation
Carol and Michael Riordan

Benefactor $500 – 999
Paul and Susan Clark
John O’Brien
Robert Race
Christine and Douglas Rohde
Barbara and Gene Trainor
Williams College

Leaders $250 – 499
David and Debbie Reinhart
Camp Winadu Operating Co.
Alnasco Co.
David and Marita Glodt
Patricia and Robert Gunther
Philip Houser
Barbara and Walter Pickwell
Richard Samale
George Smith
White Engineering, Inc.
Cheryl Zaccaro

Steward $100 – 249
Margaret Ackerman
Anonymous (3)
Cathy and Scott Behrent
Eric and Sari Berkowitz
Joseph and Linda Cancilla
Marion Cimini and Nick Speranzo
Carol and Tim Cole
Dan and Jenny Cook
Dolly and Eugene Curletti
David and Melanie DeGiorgis
James and Nancy Ditello
Eitan and Malka Evan
Renee and Steven Finn
Baruch Fishman and Hilary Schmidt
Chris and Constance Flynn
Bernard and Joyce Gelbard
John and Lois George
Jeanne Hajjar
Cynthia and Michael Hashim
Jim and Margaret Hashim
Aileen Healy
Karen and Walter Hunkler
Gary and Mary Johnson
Andy Kelly
Lake Onota Village
Jane and Richard Laureyns
Sanford Lipton
Karen and Larry Litscher
Anthony and Kathy Massimiano
Onota Boat Livery, INC.
Onota Height Trust
Ishrat Quadri
Marian and Marshall Raser
Carolyn and Joseph Renzi
Alan and Cathy Righi
Donna and Tony Samale
Karen and William Schmidt
Vivian Steinberg
David Tucker
David and Michelle Turocy
Kenneth and Margaret Wiles
Dorothy Mara and Ted Williams
David and Sherri Wilson
Laura Rotenberg and Jeffrey Yeager
Judy and Manny Yvars
Linda Zukowski

Contributor $50-99
Anonymous (2)
Al Blore
Cary Lou and Glenn Canfield
Patricia Codey
Larry and Rosemary Harnett
Marcia and Peter Harris
Joseph Hashim
Scott Hochfelder and Jennifer Sacon
Carol and Serge Hoyda
Elaine and Leonard Lipton
David McCluskey
Joan Middleton
Carol Moynihan
Karen and Scott Murray
Audrey, Jack, and Lori O’Brien
Greg & Lynda Race
Michelle and Thomas Robert
Lee Scaccia
Cindy Shogry-Raimer
Sharon Siegel
Jan and Ron Smith
Barbara and Bob Sorbara
Douglas Spoehr

Members and Donors up to $49
Anonymous (4)
Allen Arndt
Elaine and Mark Cancilla
Ellen Chapman and Jerry Krupka
Greg Cybulski
Michael and Susan Dargi
Gene Dellea
Joe and Peggy Dow
Henry Duval
Lucille Eberwein
Mary and Sully Garofano
Jonathan and Mary Geer
Marguerite and Terrillyn Geer
Joan, Norma, and Marie George
Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center
Kathryn Goerlach
Lynn Goodale
Florence Goodman
Richard Gould
Jo Ann and Lee Hauge
Lorraine Heidemann
Brad Hines
Lisa Hochman and Marc Rudoltz
Dudley and Patricia Kinnas
Tatyana Knaster
Bruce McCluskey
Bob and Michelle Mellace
Becky Monteleone
Dan and Kim Price
Marianne Rennie
Anthony and Christine Riello
Diane Robie and John Zalenski
Catherine and Michael Sandinetti
Tony Simonelli
Lisa Thomann and David Tierney