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Safe Boating is Everyone's Responsibility

Did you know:

  • Maximum lake speed is 45 mph.
  • You are responsible for your boat’s wake.
  • It is illegal to jump the wake of another vessel.
  • Running lights are required from dusk until dawn.
  • No person under 12 may operate a motorboat unless directly supervised by a competent person aged 18 or older. Minimum age is 16 for personal watercraft/jet skis, and those 16-17 must have completed the boater safety class.
  • When towing a skier or tube, you must have a dedicated spotter who is at least 12.
  • Massachusetts has one of the strongest boating under the influence laws in the nation. Your motor vehicle license could be revoked for boating under the influence.
  • Boating laws are enforced by Police who patrol in marked and unmarked boats.
  • The state offers an online boating safety course at

Boaters, these actions could get you arrested or fined:

Violating the 150’ NO WAKE ZONE around the shoreline and swimming areas, by traveling more than 6 mph.

Failure to stay at least 150’ from swimmers, water skiers/tubers. Use caution! Reduce speed when traveling through congested areas.

Not having required safety equipment onboard. This includes floatation devices, fire extinguisher, paddle, manual bailer, distress signal, rope, and navigation lights.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Introducing invasive species into the lake via your boat. Make sure your boat is free of milfoil or other plants attached to your prop or trailer, and clean your boat after using it on another lake to protect against the spread of zebra mussels.

Report a Problem to the Environmental Police. Call 1-800-632-8075 and leave details and description of the boat(s) involved on the 24-hour dispatch line. Report Problems at the Boat Ramp to Pittsfield Police at 413-448-9700.

Learn more about safe boating rules. Visit

Be safe and enjoy the lake.

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