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If you enjoy and appreciate Lake Onota, support the preservation of this natural splendor.

We would love to hear from you.

Beyond membership, there are projects that also need your support.

Zebra Mussel Prevention Fund

The purpose of the Zebra Mussel Prevention Fund is to prevent Zebra Mussels and other aquatic invasive species from entering Onota Lake. In partnership with the City, LOPA has developed a four-part plan encompassing (1) education and public awareness; (2) monitoring and stewardship; (3) data collection; and (4) a boat wash station.

The current focus of the Fund is to develop a feasibility study for an appropriate boat wash station at Burbank Park. It is critical to clean boats with water temperatures exceeding 140 degrees, which kills Zebra Mussel larvae (or veligers) that might hitchhike their way to Onota Lake on boats from contaminated waters. It is also critical to dispose of the wastewater in an environmentally sound manner.
Learn more about LOPA’s Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan

Native Plant Restoration Fund

The purpose of Native Plant Restoration Fund is to encourage new approaches to aquatic plant management at Onota Lake, with the ultimate aim of protecting and encouraging the rehabilitation of native plant species.  A healthy population of native plants creates beneficial habitat for fish and other wildlife.

The current focus of the Fund is a pilot project to test the effectiveness of herbicides to control the spread of Common Reed (Phragmites Australis).  Phragmites is a non-native invasive plant that degrades lake ecology by forming dense stands in shallow waters that crowd out beneficial native habitats.
Learn more about Common Reed

LOPA General Operating Fund

LOPA’s ongoing activities to preserve Onota Lake rely on generous financial support from our members.
Learn more about LOPA’s ongoing activities.