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Sarah Dinan ( to register.

Annual Members Meeting
7 pm October 25, 2023
Via Zoom


  1.  Call to order and verification of quorum (Riordan)
  2.  President’s report (Riordan)
  3.  Treasurer’s report (Turocy)
  4.  Membership report (Geer)
  5. Lake management report (McGrath)
  6. Committee reports
    1. Aquatic Vegetation (Riordan)
    2. Drawdown (Race)
    3. Fish and Wildlife (Reinhart)
    4. Water Quality (Murray)
    5. Zebra Mussels (Spoehr)
  7.  Election of at-large directors and approval of area directors (Reinhart)
  8. Distinguished service award: Marshall Raser
  9. Other business?
  10.  Adjournment